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2021年02月24日 作者 dly


Cerence In Motion活动上发布新产品和服务,将驾乘者的数字和移动生活延伸到车内

马萨诸塞州伯灵顿,2021年1月19日- Cerence Inc.(NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion,在首个线上发布会Cerence in Motion上,Cerence发布了一代的产品组合,其中包括:新一代的对话式人工智能平台Cerence Drive2.0;可以与智能手机、智能家居和物联网集成的全新Cerence云服务(Cloud Services);以及为驾驶者与两轮车和智能建筑提供多模态交互的全新Cerence 移动平台(Mobility Platforms)。发布会标志着公司战略发展的一个重要里程碑,将继续引领智慧交通和出行领域的创新。


Cerence首席执行官Sanjay Dhawan表示:移动互联正在引领未来出行,不仅是在汽车领域,而且还延伸到了持续增长和迅速变化的邻近市场中。一套能够满足OEMs和消费者需求的,先进稳定流畅的云计算产品是当前市场趋势通过考虑周详、有条不紊的将边缘和融合的人工智能技术整合到新的Cerence Drive产品组合中, 加上丰富的Cerence云服务,我们正在为新一代移动出行提供完整的云、端一体解决方案。


通过全面重塑平台架构,全球领先的Cerence Drive移动出行人工智能平台,提供集成了Cerence边缘和云技术融合、可扩展架构软件堆栈。随着公司在移动出行领域的迅猛发展,包括两轮车和智能建筑在内新领域的扩展,对话式人工智能已成为Cerence Mobility平台的基础功能。为了提升驾驶者日常出行的移动互联体验,Cerence推出了Cerence Cloud Services,这是一套新的互联产品,让消费者无论身在何处,都可以通过系统的语音功能获取更广泛的数字生活,包括智能家居设备、物联网产品和手机应用程序等。

Cerence于2021年1月19日正式发布了一代Cerence Drive、Cerence云服务(CloudServices)和Cerence 移动平台(MobilityPlatforms),如欲了解更多有关Cerence的新产品及服务,请访问www.cerence.com/ 。



Cerence Advances Connected Mobility; Unveils New Products and Services that Bring Cloud- and AI-First Experiences to Global Transportation and Mobility

Set to launch at today’s Cerence In Motion event, new offerings bridge digital and mobile lives for drivers and passengers

BURLINGTON, Mass., January 19, 2021 – At its live Cerence In Motion launch event today, Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC) is set to unveil its next-generation product portfolio, including its groundbreaking Cerence Drive 2.0 conversational AI platform; new Cerence Cloud Services with smartphone, smart home and IoT integration; and new Cerence Mobility Platforms for 2-Wheelers and Building Mobility. Today’s announcements mark a significant milestone in the company’s strategic growth as it paves the way for innovation in connected transportation and mobility.

“As we look at connected mobility, not just in automotive but in growing and changing segments, the need for state-of-the-art, cloud-fluent products that meet a wide variety of needs for OEMs and consumers alike is clear,” said Sanjay Dhawan, CEO, Cerence. “Through thoughtful, methodical integration of our embedded and cloud AI technologies in our new Cerence Drive portfolio and an exciting suite of Cerence Cloud Services, we’re delivering a first-of-its kind hybrid yet cloud-native approach to modern mobility across the transportation ecosystem.”

Dhawan continued, “We’ve put innovation and agility at the forefront to create an incredible experience throughout people’s daily journeys in cars, two-wheelers, fleets, transit, and even buildings. This is an exciting next chapter for Cerence and its expansion as we chart a new roadmap for modern mobility.”

Following a complete platform re-architecture, Cerence Drive, the world’s leading AI portfolio for mobility, features the best of Cerence’s embedded and cloud technologies in one unified, scalable software stack. These conversational AI offerings serve as the foundation of Cerence Mobility Platforms as the company expands and grows into new and unexpected areas of transportation, including two-wheelers and buildings. To further enhance the role of mobility in drivers’ day-to-day journeys, Cerence has introduced Cerence Cloud Services, a set of new, connected products that give consumers voice-powered access to their broader digital lives, including smart home devices, IoT products, and phone apps, no matter where they are.

Cerence is set to formally introduce next-gen Cerence Drive, Cerence Cloud Services, and Cerence Mobility Platforms at a live, virtual event today, January 19, 2021, at 10:00 AM ET, with additional details to follow. For more information and to register for Cerence In Motion, visit www.cerence.com/cerence-motion.

To learn more about Cerence, visit www.cerence.com, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.